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S120 Deck System

S120 panels are a cost effective replacement for decking panels used in well known, widely used decking systems. The S120 panel frame is made from high quality aluminium and finished with easy-to clean powder coating.

H200R Curved Wall Formwork

The H200R radius wall formwork system can be adjusted to form any radius beginning with an internal wall radius of 1.oom. The H200R radius wall system is fully compatible with the T120.

D117A Wall Formwork

D117A panels are fully compatible with the D1 1 7 range, but have the added benefit of being light enough to carry and position by hand. Panel heights: 2.5m, 125m and 0.75m.

D117 Wall Formwork

Based on 250mm grid sizes, the D117 Wall formwork system is a lightweight alternative to the T120 Large panel system. Ideal for housing projects, the D117 system utilises easy to use alignment couplers for onsite assembly.

T120D Dual Purpose Formwork

Based on the T120 wall formwork system the T120D dual purpose formwork system allows you to form concrete walls and decks using the minimal amount of accessories. T120D panels act as both table forms and wall forms.

T120 Large Wall Formwork

Based on the standard European system of the 3oomm-grid panel the T120 wall formwork system offers 100% compatibility with some widely used European wall formwork systems while offering higher strength and durability.

Girder Beams

Peri VT16a secondary girder beams, Doka H20 & Peri GT24 beams available in stock.

Steel Props & Accessories

A selection of high quality, robust props and accessories. Contact us for more information. Image A: 20-400 Props Loaded for Shipping. Image B: 20/24 Cross heads for H20 Wooden Beams.

Dywidag Wing Nut

A variety of Formwork Accessories available including: Dywidag Wing Nut, Dywidag Threadbar, Dywidag Flat Washer, Dywidag Plate Washer, Tie Sleeve, Cone, Formwork Plugs & Tie Plugs and Mould Oil.